Our StrategicIT™ framework helps your IT department transform from a support function to a strategic function by aligning their information technology and processes to their business imperatives.

StrategicIT™ framework

  • Business-IT Imperatives: Assessing Business & IT imperatives is a core step in identifying the needs of the business and areas that IT needs to prioritize to maximize the impact of its investments and assets. We help in identifying the key imperatives by analyzing financial information and goals of the organization. To accelerate this process, we review the information independently to review the strategy; processes; applications; and infrastructure); and work closely with Business & IT stakeholders to identify the core imperatives.The result is a clear and concise core imperatives that outline the strategy of the business and a detailed set of KPIs that maximize the impact for the organization.
  • Business Value Analysis: Here we help evaluate the business value of IT by looking at the direct impact of IT on one of the following foundation elements: Revenue; Margins; Capital Efficiency; and BrandThis information in conjunction with Business-IT imperatives helps organization to look at the business affinity of IT and identify areas where they need to optimize the focus.
  • Align IT-Business: This is the most important aspect of transforming IT into a strategic function is to align the IT priorities to business imperatives and have a common KPI framework to deliver and measure success. In this step, we help define define and refine the KPIs that IT can directly influence to enable achievement of business KPIs.
  • Business case and Road-map: Based on the areas identified in the Business-IT imperatives; business value analysis; and the aligned KPIs, we help create a roadmap for IT initiatives. We define the business cases categorized by short; medium; and long term initiatives and the value that each one will deliver. This forms the foundation of path that the IT department would navigate to transform the IT function.
  • IT Strategy on a Page: Once the roadmap is defined, the next critical stage is to communicate the roadmap and strategy to all the stakeholders across business and IT. We help craft “IT Strategy on a Page”, a one page document that can be communicated and showcased to all stakeholders and clearly outlines the Business-IT imperatives, Key KPIs, and initiatives and expected outcomes.
  • Execute and Measure Success: At the end of our engagement, we recommend a set of metrics and  tools that help you in executing and measuring the success of the initiatives and continue on this path of achieving StrategicIT.